Re: Setting up GTK+ on Windows using Mingw

> If you mean by "broad" a very basic knowledge

Yes, sorry. That's indeed what I meant. (Not a native speaker...)
Reading I guess I
meant meaning 3b or 8 but it could also be interpreted as meaning 2.

> 2.  from get
>    a.  Gtk+ 2.12.9 Development Environment Revision 2

I don't want to sound like this would be some competition, but I do
think it is better to use the "official" GTK+ stack binaries on in general. But on the other hand I don't use Glade
myself, and maybe indeed it is better to use what gladewin32 provides
if you are using Glade... Be aware though that at times the gladewin32
site has distributed outdated stuff compared to what's on

> 3.  from get pixman-0.10.0.tar.gz
>     without pixman,
>     $ pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0
>     gives this error
>     Package pixman-1 was not found in the pkg-config search path.

If you do have a cairo.pc that refers to pixman-1, then just edit out
the pixman-1 from the .pc file. (The cairo.pc in the latest cairo-dev
package on doesn't refer to pixman-1, it is edited out
as part of the packaging process. There is absolutely no need for
pixman headers or libraries when building cairo-using software against
a shared cairo library.) (If a static cairo library was used the
situation would be different.)

I won't comment on the Glade and gtkmm specific issues as I don't use either.


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