Re: Setting up GTK+ on Windows using Mingw

On Sunday 18 May 2008, Damon Register wrote:
>  I do find that many times instructions are written for the experts
> and sometimes leave out small details that might not be so obvious
> for non-experts.
Instructions written by the software authors will nearly always be written for 
experts. This should be no surprise - the software authors are experts at 
software development, they are not linguists nor literary experts. What is 
needed is a team of technical writers with (a) little to no detailed 
knowledge of the product at the start and (b) enough direct access to the 
software developers that they can acquire that knowledge while writing the 

But I've yet to come across a commercial organisation that understands this 
well enough to commit the resources, so I wouldn't hold your breath for 
seeing it on an open-source project!

> As a minimum I would suggest that anyone wanting to get started with GTK
> on Windows do the following.

That list looked more complex than I remember having to do. I was intending to 
port some GTKmm code to Windows, but what works for that should work for 
plain GTK. I seem to recall I had to install two packages - GTKmm-dev and 
DevC++. AFAIK DevC++ uses the MinGW back-end.

It may be more complex if you don't want an IDE, though.


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