Re: compile glib with sunpro

On 13 Jul 2001 10:50:05 -0400
Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:

> You can't, however, compile GLib with gcc and then GTK with
> non-gcc. Perhaps that's what you are trying to do? Or maybe you have
> old GLib headers still installed somewhere that used gcc?

Sorry, I should have been more explicit...
I understand that glib+gtk need to be compiled with the same compiler (and
flags), and have been careful to do so.
Also, as some machines were 'clean' (ie. first install), there were no
older header files/libraries.

> > I've got the GNOME 1.2 installed from Ximian on Solaris 8, and can't
> > use the SUNPro compilers (CC/c89) with those libraries, only GCC.
> That's because you compiled the libs with gcc. You have to compile
> GLib and any apps using it with the same compiler.

Ugh!  This strikes me as a Bad Thing, and defeats one of the advantages of
having C libraries (Compiler independence).
We're developing C++ libraries, and are quite aware of having to build
different versions of each (C++) library for each compiler.  Are you now
saying that you expect people to do that for C code as well?  This implies
that to support two C++ compilers (sunpro + gcc), I need to have two
versions of GTK/GLib installed?  I've never had to do that for any other
C library before...

> > it seems that the libraries are built with gcc-specific
> > extensions (long long, inline, etc).
> Only if GLib was built with gcc. If you build GLib with sunpro, then 
> it won't use those extensions and neither will apps.

I'm going from memory here (A couple of months ago...), but I don't believe
this is correct.
I believe that I built GTK/GLib with c89, but when I tried to compile
against those libraries with the sunpro CC (C++) compiler, I continued to
run into those problems (long long, inline, etc.)

If this is the right place to discuss this type of problem, and if someone
is willing to pursue this, I'll give it another try.  I'd like to get the
problem resolved...

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