Re: compile glib with sunpro

Ian Britten <britten caris com> writes: 
> Yes - Unfortunately, it's not good... (re: GTK).
> It seems that GTK doesn't play well with non-GCC compilers.
> [ Maintainers - are you listening? ]

Simply not the case as far as we know - tons of people have compiled
GTK 1.2.x on quite a few non-gcc compilers. It works fine.

You can't, however, compile GLib with gcc and then GTK with
non-gcc. Perhaps that's what you are trying to do? Or maybe you have
old GLib headers still installed somewhere that used gcc?
> I've got the GNOME 1.2 installed from Ximian on Solaris 8, and can't
> use the SUNPro compilers (CC/c89) with those libraries, only GCC.

That's because you compiled the libs with gcc. You have to compile
GLib and any apps using it with the same compiler.

> it seems that the libraries are built with gcc-specific
> extensions (long long, inline, etc).

Only if GLib was built with gcc. If you build GLib with sunpro, then 
it won't use those extensions and neither will apps.


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