Re: compile glib with sunpro

>Ugh!  This strikes me as a Bad Thing, and defeats one of the advantages of
>having C libraries (Compiler independence).

I've never heard of such a thing. Its a matter of convenience that
many Unix C compilers use the same ABI, but there's no particular
reason for it. In the Windows world, for example, compilers don't
closely follow such conventions, meaning that its easy to create
libraries compiled with MPW are not usable with, say, Borland-compiled

Yes, its quite possible that SunPro and gcc will work together
reasonably well in the absence of the compiler-specific stuff that
Havoc mentioned. But thats an accident as much as a feature of
C. There is no inherent reason why the return value of a function
should be stored in %eax (x86 architecture), for example, and a
compiler is free to choose some other register.  The fact that most
compilers do the same thing is nice, but thats all.


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