Re: compile glib with sunpro

Ian wrote:
> I believe that I built GTK/GLib with c89, but when I tried to compile
> against those libraries with the sunpro CC (C++) compiler, I continued to
> run into those problems (long long, inline, etc.)

Sounds like the problem is primarily in glibconfig.h
which is generated by testing the compiler.

I'm not sure how to handle this exactly but you could easily hack it

CC=c89 ./configure
mv glibconfig.h glibconfig.c89.h
CC=gcc ./configure
mv glibconfig.h glibconfig.gcc.h
cat <<EOF > glibconfig.h
#ifdef __GNUC__
#include "glibconfig.gcc.h"
#include "glibconfig.c89.h"

Then copy glibconfig.*.h parallel to glibconfig.h and see if it

This could be automated if a list of compilers could
be determined in advance, maybe
could support COMPILERS="c89 gcc cc" instead of CC.

- dave

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