Re: Fwd: Malayalam & SF_PROCESS_ZWJ

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 23:02 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:

> I don't know how to read Malayalam, but I don't see anything in the
> section on Malayalam in the Unicode documents (5.0) which would make
> SF_PROCESS_ZWJ a requirement for Malayalam rendering.

At the moment, the only way to make certain if a particular script
requires ZWJ during GSUB is to have a look at the corresponding font on
a MS Vista system. Recent implementation changes have not been

> I agree entirely. What has been a dire necessity for a long time is a
> set of well defined test cases for all the Indic scripts that contains
> all the known corner cases and special cases (chillu in Malayalam,
> ra-japhala in Bengali, etc) and which can be tested against various
> rendering systems (Pango/QT/ICU/Uniscribe) to ensure that things show
> up in the same manner no matter what the underlying mechanism and/or
> platform is.

A test suite is a good idea, however, what we are discussing here is
situation where the standard seems to have changed.


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