Re: Fwd: Malayalam & SF_PROCESS_ZWJ

Just to be clear, the SF_PROCESS_ZWJ says that the ZWJ/ZWNJ glyphs should be passed to GSUB processing. For most Indian scripts, it's sufficient to see the ZWJ/ZWNJ characters during character processing where they are used to assign the correct features to the surrounding characters. I think it should be possible to do everything needed for the Malayalam script without passing the ZWJ/ZWNJ characters to GSUB. (Though I haven't looked into the particular bug being discussed ;-)

Talk of developing our own standards makes me very nervous. I think it's important that we implement the same standard as Windows. Interoperability must be our most important goal. Otherwise chaos will result. The thing I hear most often from clients submitting bugs against the ICU LayoutEngine is "but it works on Windows..."

Users expect things to work the same way on every platform, and they should.

Eric Mader

Praveen A wrote:
2007/6/19, Harshula <harshula gmail com>:
The Rachana_w01 does not use ZWJ in the GSUB table(for chillus,ie).So
to avoid  unnecessary rendering of ZWJ the SF_PROCESS_ZWJ flag has to
be removed.Otherwise, include the ZWJ reference in the GSUB of the
font and use the SF_PROCESS_ZWJ flag.My patch uses the latter option.

Isn't Suresh indicating that he is using ZWJ in GSUB, thus requiring the
process ZWJ flag?

Again it is dependent on font, it seems, we have to have a standard -
we will work out one. So will revert back after some more testing with
different fonts.


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