Re: Fwd: Malayalam & SF_PROCESS_ZWJ

2007/6/19, Harshula <harshula gmail com>:
> The Rachana_w01 does not use ZWJ in the GSUB table(for chillus,ie).So
> to avoid  unnecessary rendering of ZWJ the SF_PROCESS_ZWJ flag has to
> be removed.Otherwise, include the ZWJ reference in the GSUB of the
> font and use the SF_PROCESS_ZWJ flag.My patch uses the latter option.
> suresh

Isn't Suresh indicating that he is using ZWJ in GSUB, thus requiring the
process ZWJ flag?

Again it is dependent on font, it seems, we have to have a standard -
we will work out one. So will revert back after some more testing with
different fonts.


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