Re: Spell checking in GIO

This sums up my opinion on this topic quite well.  I think we're going
to get a better experience if we integrate this at the Gtk level than if
we try to invent a bunch of generic interfaces that would be required to
get this sort of level of integration.

If we can design this as a feature for Gtk and discover that, actually,
the API is not that tightly coupled with Gtk, then we could consider the
possibility of moving it to GIO -- assuming we become convinced that
there is a good non-GTK use for it there.

There's a lot of "we" here.  Is anyone actually interested in stepping
up to work on this?

I'm the current gtkspell maintainer and last year took care of g-objectifying GtkSpell and releasing a Gtk+3 compatible version. That said, if the goal is to adapt gtkspell and integrate in into Gtk, I'm happy to do so (possibly with the assistance of someone more experienced with working inside Gtk).


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