Re: Spell checking in GIO


On Wed, Oct 9, 2013, at 18:48, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
Of course, but do any of these need spell checking? I think it would be
more helpful to solidify an API for spell checking to see if it's viable
do without UI concepts like cursor position or GTK+ concepts like
GtkTextBuffer before deciding where to put it.

This sums up my opinion on this topic quite well.  I think we're going
to get a better experience if we integrate this at the Gtk level than if
we try to invent a bunch of generic interfaces that would be required to
get this sort of level of integration.

If we can design this as a feature for Gtk and discover that, actually,
the API is not that tightly coupled with Gtk, then we could consider the
possibility of moving it to GIO -- assuming we become convinced that
there is a good non-GTK use for it there.

There's a lot of "we" here.  Is anyone actually interested in stepping
up to work on this?


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