Re: Spell checking in GIO

On Wed, Oct 09, 2013 at 09:31:19AM +1100, Andrew Cowie wrote:
Speaking of which, do we really need to have so many different
back-ends? We made a hard decision about the input method framework
requirement, maybe we should just pick a dictionary provider and go with

The perfect dictionary provider for every language doesn't exist.

Enchant explains this in the "Enchant and multiple backends" section:

Enchant is used by a lot of projects, inside and outside GNOME. It is a 
good thing that it is a small library. In my opinion, Enchant should not 
be deprecated in favor of GIO (if we want to absord Enchant).

Enchant is already a good abstraction. The sole reason to wrap it in GIO 
is to GObjectify Enchant, and to decode language codes (fr_BE -> French 
(Belgium)) with the iso-codes.

For a command line application, Enchant is still available. So it's 
maybe a better idea to implement the spell checking directly in GTK+.  
I'll think about the possible API additions.


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