Re: Glib resource framework

* Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> schrieb:

> > what exactly is loaded dynamically, and why is the necessary ?
> * image file format loaders
> * font format handling
> * theme engines
> * various other modules

That's what I already apprehended ... ;-o

What's the exact reason for loading them dynamically ?

> > I'm not just talking about desktop integration.
> >
> > What, eg., with integration with certain system resources,
> > daemons, system-wide configuration, etc, etc ?
> neither GTK nor any DE needs to do anything about integration with
> things that are not part of GTK nor a DE.

Well, but individual applications might need to. Think of
stuff like socket pathes to certain daemons, etc.
Runtime dependencies are a bit more than just shared objects ;-o

> > Sure. Therefore you need some easy way for passing certain information
> > to the DE, take for example menu entries or desktop icons.
> freedesktop covers all this.

Okay, let's take this example:

It expects the menu entries in a specific location (beyond the
prefix set by environment). AFAIK, the prefix itself isn't
explicitly specified (just some suggested default), so it's 
dependent on the actual system configuration.

Now we've got a problem with fully-relocatable applications:
How does the DE know where's all these applications's 
installation prefixes are ?

> > So, please let's go to the root questions:
> >
> > What are the exact problems you're trying to solve with
> > binary relocation ?
> i don't even know what you mean by this term at present.

Okay, we're talking about ways to deploy an arbitrary binary
package (built somewhere else, fully out of the scope of the
users's distro) to an arbitratry location.

But: WHY ?
What is the problem that should be solved by that ?

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