Re: Announce: glib-jsonrpc

* Joakim Sindholt <opensource zhasha com> schrieb:

> You're absolutely right. There's also a lot of code in there that's
> incomplete and/or not connected. I just did a full commit of all the
> stuff I had in progress or way toying with before sending it to github.
> It's by no means indicative of what I would normally commit

Okay. Once it reaches a stable point, I'd suggest a conservative
code management using topic branches (merge only if the topic
is finished and history contains only necessary and self-
consistent changes, etc). This way you make distro package
maintainer's life much easier.

> > BTW: I had to explicitly disable introspection (on Gentoo),
> > maybe it should be disabled per default.
> I think I just copied someone elses introspection stuff. 
> It's more than likely completely wrong.

Be careful with copy+paste. ;-)

(one of my former customers have this as fundamental business
concept, and I witnessed how they're slowly destroying
themselves ;-o) 

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