Re: right click *in* a menu

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 at 16:48:19 +0100, Christian Dywan wrote:
> I suppose I'd need to actually try it in a situation where it is
> useful. I've never used RiscOS. And on all other systems I can think of
> a menu is distinctly floating and temporary.

RISC OS really needed this feature, where many GUIs don't:

- it didn't have multiple menus just below the titlebar like Windows, or at
  the top of the screen like Mac OS - instead, every menu was contextual,
  starting with a middle-click (the equivalent of right-clicking in most
  modern GUIs)

- the menus were often rather deeply nested, partly as a result of moving the
  entire main menu structure onto a single context menu (e.g. middle-clicking
  the document window in a word processor had to make most of the app's
  functionality available in one menu)

I personally don't think a well-designed GNOME (or for that matter KDE, Windows
or Mac) app should need this feature, because those two factors don't apply
in our environment. I'm not an interaction designer or a UI hacker, though...

There's some good background here:


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