Re: right click *in* a menu


> > > well, i think it implies being able to use a menu like a dialog
> > > window.
> > 
> > Exactly. If you need the menu to behave like a dialog box, use a dialog
> > box.
> Hm, why are you so dogmatic? Normal user uses _left_ click for
> opening the menu and _left_ click chooses an menu iterm and
> closes the menu.
> So it is quite usefull to reuse _right_ click for other task,
> such as for selecting multiple items out of the menu at once.

Well, at least for galeon, it brings up context menu _for the menu
item_. (It for example allows you to delete bookmark).

I'd very much like such menus to be in all application, enabling me to
set keyboard accelerators.


(cesky, pictures)

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