right click *in* a menu

Some users of my software raised this issue in the last 24hrs:

> > I still call `!' `pling'...
> I'm still missing the extremely handy RiscOS feature that right-click
> on a menu allowed to make a selection without closing the menu. Such
> a thing in GTK would have me saved hours of re-opening nested menus
> in Ardour.
> Ciao,

I'm wishing for that as well all the time. I wonder who came up with the
idea that there's only ever one thing you want to do in a menu. Didn't
know anyone was clever enough to implement something as complex as
"don't close menu if right-clicked" or "don't close if modifier is
pressed when menu-item is clicked".

It's one of those obvious user interface doh's.

has this ever been considered?

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