Re: right click *in* a menu

Am Tue, 7 Dec 2010 09:38:55 -0500
schrieb Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com>:

> >> We *could* push all the operations in the current region context
> >> menu, for example (right click on a region -> Select region name
> >> -> menu with 20+ items) into a dialog for that region, but it
> >> would 1 mouse motion+drag or the use ctrl-w to every single action
> >> activation for anything on that menu when you only do a single
> >> action.
> >
> > Space on tick or radio leaves the menu open.
> >
> > I think for a state change, it would be sensible to have an
> > analogous mouse-based action. A right-click could be just that.
> > Anything that goes beyond toggling would be a bad distortion of
> > menu semantics in my opinion.
> RiscOS didn't think so, all those years ago :)

I suppose I'd need to actually try it in a situation where it is useful. I've never used RiscOS. And on all other systems I can think of a menu is distinctly floating and temporary.

> > And keep in mind this is undiscoverable, not counting accidents.
> > You should document it if it is an important part of the common
> > workflow.
> context clicking is equally undiscoverable and has an honorable
> history and usage.

I'm painfully aware. But it is so universally available that advanced users usually know about it even if they switched operating systems.


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