Re: right click *in* a menu

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 8:12 AM, Christian Dywan <christian lanedo com> wrote:

>> We *could* push all the operations in the current region context menu,
>> for example (right click on a region -> Select region name -> menu
>> with 20+ items) into a dialog for that region, but it would 1 mouse
>> motion+drag or the use ctrl-w to every single action activation for
>> anything on that menu when you only do a single action.
> Space on tick or radio leaves the menu open.
> I think for a state change, it would be sensible to have an analogous mouse-based action. A right-click could be just that.
> Anything that goes beyond toggling would be a bad distortion of menu semantics in my opinion.

RiscOS didn't think so, all those years ago :)

> And keep in mind this is undiscoverable, not counting accidents. You should document it if it is an important part of the common workflow.

context clicking is equally undiscoverable and has an honorable
history and usage.

just sayin' - i have very little skin in the game.

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