Re: What about official GTK+ installer for win32?

Il giorno gio, 26/10/2006 alle 13.40 -0400, Dominic Lachowicz ha
> The funny thing is that both you and Tor assumed that I did something
> special that a normal end-user couldn't do. I assure you that no magic
> was involved. All I did was install GTK+ first (usually gladewin32),
> and then install versions of Gaim, Gimp, etc. that had "no-gtk" in
> their filename. And that's all.

I'm not so lucky, often some programs start to crash when I update the
shared GTK installation. This mean that, before updating, I need to
check if the new verion of the libraries is supported by all the
GTK-based programs I use.

Marco Barisione

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