Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Am Sam, 2002-03-16 um 14.42 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> Pretty simple ... gdk_pixbuf_composite_* and gdk_pixbuf_scale always run through
> the scaling code path, even when the scale factor in both directions is 1...
> for this common case, presumbably big wins could be found by adding a 
> non-scaling code path.

I see and agree.

>  - After GCC 3.1 is released 

Which will be in a month or so. Also works with current CVS versions.

>  - After you have some prototypes;

Of course.

> that is, I see no particular reason
>    to the early development of this stuff in CVS.

Since this is a step-by-step enhancement and has no negative
effects on the behaviour I see no reason why it shouldn't be integrated
into CVS step-by-step.

> So, presumably after 2.2. Certainly altivec pixops code could go in
> 2.4 if it was available and tested at that point.

Of course it will be tested though it will only get wider audience
when it usable in CVS before the release.

> I think ditching the
> current MMX in favor of GCC builtins entirely might want to wait a
> bit...  at least until 3.1 becomes widespread.

The MMX builtins should partly work with 3.0 up already but of course
you're right that there's little point in changing working code in
favour of experimental one. However I certainly wouldn't want to start
hacking altivec ASM again after all the builtin development now. :)

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