GtkTreeView Problem


I'v e noticed that moving the mouse wheel in the GtkTreeView pane of the Gtk+2.0 demo program causes it to crash, producing the following output:

gtk-demo (pid:9633): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktreeview.c: line 6208 (_gtk_tree_view_find_path): assertion `node != NULL' failed

gtk-demo (pid:9633): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtktreemodel.c: line 1567 (gtk_tree_row_reference_new_proxy): assertion `path->depth > 0' failed

gtk-demo (pid:9633): Gtk-ERROR **: file gtkrbtree.c: line 1017 (_gtk_rbtree_node_find_offset): assertion failed: (node)

Is this just a problem with the way the gtk-demo is coded or is it a GtkTreeView problem.


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