Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Owen said:
> Questions:
>  * What's missing? What do we need to do, that we _can_ do in
>    2.x that isn't below? 

> GTK+-2.2:
> * Multihead support
> * Official Win32 port
> * Fully usable RTL editing  (#73307, #70451, #50770)
> * Xft2 support for Pango
> * OpenType Indic shapers for Pango

I think we should add:

* fixes for remaining keyboard navigation bugs/omissions
  (i.e. keynav for toolbars, roundup missing bits)
* default theme mechanism for icon sizing. 
  (a patch is available already, as a starting point).

(I believe these are the big remaining issues 
 for GTK+ accessibility).

[Later, perhaps 2.6 if not 2.4, we need a better
 mechanism for icon theming generally]

Perhaps we could also think about revising the
default theme engine in the 2.X timeframe since
as I understand it, the default engine implementation's
RC file format not considered "core" GTK+ API...
if not could we consider a replacement default engine?


> One more suggestion here is the "trivial shaper" people can use to
> implement terminals, fixed-cell-width text widgets, and cross-platform
> wrapper toolkits like SWT/AWT that want to see an X-style font API.
> i.e. essentially just "give me a glyph for each character in a string"
> - so people using Pango as an X core vs. Xft abstraction more or less.
> I'm not sure how complex a solution we need but maybe it can be done
> very simply and if so it might be a nice 2.2 candidate. The "use Xlib"
> suggestion is working really badly in practice since it means you lose
> the Xlib/Xft abstraction, and have to do your own font selector, and
> get different fonts in different places.

This sounds really good to me, but I think it should go to 2.4, 2.2
is supposed to be a quick follow-on isn't it ?


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