Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Am Die, 2002-03-12 um 22.49 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> GTK+-2.0.x: 
> * Bug fixes
> * Robustify gdk-pixbuf loaders

> GTK+-2.2: 
> * Multihead support
> * Official Win32 port
> * Fully usable RTL editing  (#73307, #70451, #50770)
> * Xft2 support for Pango
> * OpenType Indic shapers for Pango

I'd like to shoot for AltiVec support at least in gdk-pixbuf for 2.2
if appreciated. I just held back for so long because I wanted proper
gcc support for it so people would actually be able to compile it
without a special toolchain and gcc 3.1 will be the first compiler
to support special builtins out-of-the-box.

That having said I'd also hunt for optimisation possibilities for 2.2
to speed up the general handling especially wrt. icons and graphics.

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