ANNOUNCE: paps version 0.3

A new version of paps is out. Here is the readme file.

    	    		  paps version 0.3
                Dov Grobgeld <dov imagic weizmann ac il>
             A UTF8 to PostScript converter using pango-ft2


   paps was written in order to allow some basic printing of
   UTF8 files.
   paps takes as input a UTF8 file and outputs it as formatted 
   postscript. paps uses the pango ft2 backend and will use its
   configuration files in order to determine what fonts will be
   used. By default paps outputs each glyph as a series of outline
   postscript statements. By using the -bitmap option, the output
   will be in postscript bitmaps instead.


    Type make to create the paps executable. Copy the executable to 
    your favourite position.


    Type paps -help for a list of options.


    * Make it into a real distribution.
    * Encode glyphs as a Type 3 font for a HUGE reduction in the resulting 
      postscript file.
    * Make it into a library.
    * Make a gnome-print backend.
    * Make a pdf backend.

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