GTK+-2.x planning

This mail is intended to get discussion going on a 2.x roadmap for

As a strawman, I've taken 20 or so more or less major items (out of
450+ bugs open in bugzilla for GTK+ alone), and distributed them among
version numbers.

The schedule below would be shooting for a quick 2.2 release with
multihead and official win32 in a couple of months, a followup 2.4
fixing the most remaining major missing pieces (GtkFileSel, GtkCombo
replacements) next fall, and then a 2.6 sometime in 2003.


 * What's missing? What do we need to do, that we _can_ do in 
   2.x that isn't below? Feel free to be blue-sky, but blue
   sky stuff is at least 2.6, maybe 2.8 :-)

 * Are people generally comfortable with the idea of a quick
   multihead + win32 release?



* Bug fixes
* Robustify gdk-pixbuf loaders


* Multihead support
* Official Win32 port
* Fully usable RTL editing  (#73307, #70451, #50770)
* Xft2 support for Pango
* OpenType Indic shapers for Pango


* File selection widget
* Replacement combo/option-menu widget
* Action based menu API
* New toolbar widget (#70606, #6112, #50367, #55393)
* Height-for-width geometry management
* Real standardization of XSETTINGS/XEMBED


* Icon list widget
* Sheet widget
* Reworked tooltips (#50619, #56291, #62174, #65490)
* Autocompletion and history for GtkEntry (#69613)
* Disclosure triangle widget
* GnomeColorPicker style color selection button
* TreeView enhancements (filter model 60219, finish dnd) 

When it's ready:

* Official GTK+ FB port

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