Re: GTK+-2.x planning

Am Don, 2002-03-14 um 22.08 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> The two important optimizations to be made in gdk-pixbuf/pixops at this point
> are:
>  A) Special-case compositing/copying with no scaling. 

Please explain or point to a bug.

>  B) Fix the scaling-down-by-a-large-factor problem.

> Especially B). 

I'll look deeper into this when I solved the automake 1.4/gcc
-save-temps problem which is quite nasty for me.

> Altivec, more MMX, etc, is marginal compared to these, though certainly
> more fun to hack on ;-)

I'm hunting bugs for the gcc people right now, but 3.1 will be the first
release to fully support AltiVec and there are also new builtins to ease
the use of MMX/SSE without the need to use inline assembly or nasty
linker hacks to get the stuff going.

What this means is:
I'd like to check via for a gcc >= 3.1 and if it is there
use the new builtins to enhance MMX/SSE/AltiVec support a fair bit. This
leads to better code because the scheduling will be much more aggressive
than can ever be with mixed inline assembly while it is much easier to
code and fix. Obviously before this bottlenecks have to be identified
and code parallelised to make this possible.

My question is: when (in terms of the new schedule) is the right point
to think about these steps?


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