Re: tuning Gtk+ for embedded (was: GtkSheet)

On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 10:18:44AM -0500, Cody Russell wrote:
> I would rather see a more complicated Makefile than having source and
> header files polluted with extra preprocessor stuff.  configure can
> figure out what files need to be built and and set gtk_c_sources include
> all those values.

	Yes most of the work should be in configure/Makefile, but you
won't be able to escape ifdefs everywhere.  The GtkButton=y GtkImage=n
case is a great example.  gtk_c_sources will have gtkbutton.o but not
gtkimage.o.  However, gtkbutton.c has to ifdef around all the bits that
work with GtkImage.
	Granted, we could define that deps like that don't get broken
(you want button, you get image).  This particular example might be
possible to solve without ifdefs with all the image-using bits checking
GType for the availability of GtkImage.  But we will run into other
cases like this where ifdef will be the only solution.  That doesn't
mean it is not worth doing.  It just means we need to do it right :-)



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