Re: GTK+-2.0.0 release notes


> > This has to be one of the most braindead moves in the history of the
> > world. Now we're disabling emacs keybindings from 99% of the linux
> > desktops of the world because windows users aren't used to it? I don't
> > understand the argument, what do they care if ctrl+a and ctrl+e do,
> Well, they'll probably care when they press Ctrl+A to do 'Select All' in
> a text field and the cursor moves instead...

Ctrl+A does not even consistently work within windows. (Works in
normal input lines, but not in combo boxes, so if you try Ctrl+A in
MSIE, it does nothing).

Ctrl+E,N seem unused, Ctrl+P is sometimes print dialog.

That shows that windows do not have too consistent ctrl+ keys, and it
would be better to stay with emacs. [Hey, you don't won't to be more
windoze-like than windoze!]
(about SSSCA) "I don't say this lightly.  However, I really think that the U.S.
no longer is classifiable as a democracy, but rather as a plutocracy." --hpa

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