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tomas tuxteam de wrote:
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    This thread is getting a little redundant (i.e. yes yes the glade
file can be inlined - this was not the issue at hand), we were in
the midst of disputing the relevence of inlining your glade file
and protecting it from the user in a modern system where the user
shouldnt have write access to "/usr" anyway - this ended up in my
overly-rude comment about cooperating with FOSS developers (sorry
you all had to hear that).

Now if I can settle any misgivings I'll try here.

  a.) People need to understand that Glade developers didnt ever
      tell the universe that generated code from glade files cannot
      be done - niether did we obfuscate the glade file in a way
      to make it difficult for people to generate code from - we simply
      externalized this feature so that we can focus on more important
      things - if code generators are to exist - they should take glade
      xml data as input.

      That above is pretty much the official take - now if you'll
      indulge me - I'd be happy to argue the irrelevence and futility
      of using generated code to the death, not with my Glade hat on
      but just from one developer to another.

  b.) The point Olexiy raised about embedded is precise, there is no
      real issue about the size of the glade file on modern tiny systems,
      its more the memory footprint that is dramatically increased
      by dragging in libxml2. What the PalmSource people did about this
      (not sure if they got to it, but if they did - I'm sure they are
      ready to share it) - is they created a libglade equivalent that
      parses a binary data file, and a tool that creates the binary based
      on a glade file, thus eliminating the libxml2 hit on memory consumption.

  c.) Where we are going - there are no roads (I just wanted to say that),
      the point here is that - in gtk+-2.12, assuming everything goes as
      planned, we will have glade file parsing /native/ to gtk+ (using
      GMarkup instead of libxml2). There will be no more libxml2 woes and
      even less reason to use generated code.


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