Re: Glade GUI: changing mechanism

Hello, Tristan,

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Why would someone want to go from
 glade file --> generated code --> GUI
when you can simply go from
 glade file --> GUI
with much less code-generators & generated code  to maintain ?

You're right in some sense. Still, how can one statically prove that the created .glade file is *statically* correct ? I mean by this, how can the (no longer existing, no longer statically compiled) program be proven it would link statically ? I have the impression the user interface is kind of linked-in dynamically, at runtime, having libglade dynamically parsing the .glade file ?

There's another recent thread on this newslist from a certain leoo. Well I think his problematic program compiles but doesn't work because all callbacks (specified in his .glade file) aren't available in his program. Using code generation I could exclude such a suspiction, for instance.

Maybe it's just the libglade doumentation which is not clear enough on this issue (or I haven't found it in the last 2 days I've been actively trying to figure out libglade usage examples ?). Would there be any good documentation one could consult on this issue(s) ?

That being said - I think that distributing the glade file seperately is
a cleaner design, as it allows not only users but also developers to update
the UI without recompiling (allowing for some magic at the packaging
level), also - typicly apps are installed by a super-user into a read-only prefix, generally the glade file - being part of the program's distributed
files is not user writable.

If shit can happen, it will. In other words: if users can mess up, they will. Even root users aren't safe from trying to tamper with fiiles, even when told not to do so (provided they have read the README altogether)...

What I mean by this is that I would feel a lot more comfortable to have my program be confirmed to link and run. In other words : those code-generating glade plugins which used to exist must still be around somewhere. Where are these to be found ? Provided people are no longer feeling being forced to have to use them (call me an exception ;) still these plugins must be around somewhere. Where could these eventually be found ? I think it is unwise (please do not take this personally, it is far from being meant personally) to force users into the direct GUI -> glade file concept. The former plugins should, to my feeling, be continued to be put available (as a libglade submodule, or give it another name, that's a detail). So that one can generate oneself the code an prove a .glade file to conceptually work... statically.

Apart from that, I also fail to find documentation on another aspect of using glade and libglade : what is the API to provide to write a glade plugin (e.g. to be able to create custom widgets with glade) ?

I fear I sound like a libglade critics. I myself don't feel like that (apart from a 'positive' libglade critics) : on the contrary, I am enthousiasted by the concept. But I do have some questions, which can to my feeling all be answered by a good documentation set, which I fail to find easily (enough)...

Kind regards,


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