Re: GtkExtra example doesn't build


I'm using Gentoo on Pentium, and I'm doing a source installation for my
account only.  Yes, there is an ebuild of this package, but it was only
created recently (on January 1st) and we didn't upgrade since.

The installation itself went absolutely fine at all stages.  It's the
that's problematic.  As funny as it is, I also got a binary called
but my own attempts to build the exact same thing had miserably failed.

By any chance, did you try to build this file from source yourself?  After I
deeper into the code, I started wondering if this was ever tested under gcc
the version I am currently using.  Having made some trivial changes, I
got the code to compile and run, so I am attaching the modified
file.  This modified version appears to run with current CVS snapshot, as
Maybe try to compile it and, if all goes well, suggest it to the original
of this package?

What I still don't understand is how the initial binary called
'testrealtime' was
created.  At this point, I strongly doubt it was created from source at

Best regards,


On 2/5/06, Al Hooton <al hootons org> wrote:

        Oh, one more thing:

        Be *absolutely* sure your distro didn't originally install an old
version of gtkextra or gtkextra-2 for you.  I've heard that some distros
have done this in the past, although I've never run in to it myself.  If
that is the case, the compiler may be finding those old .h files because
they show up earlier in the header file search path, which could easily
cause the kinds of problems you're seeing.

        If there is an old version on your box, you'll have to remove all
traces of it if you're going to be successful building a newer


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