Re: GtkExtra example doesn't build

        Oh, one more thing:

        Be *absolutely* sure your distro didn't originally install an old
version of gtkextra or gtkextra-2 for you.  I've heard that some distros
have done this in the past, although I've never run in to it myself.  If
that is the case, the compiler may be finding those old .h files because
they show up earlier in the header file search path, which could easily
cause the kinds of problems you're seeing.
        If there is an old version on your box, you'll have to remove all
traces of it if you're going to be successful building a newer


On Sun, 2006-02-05 at 21:28 -0600, Nickolai Dobrynin wrote:

Thanks for your response.  I've tried both the stable release 2.1.1
and the
recent CVS snapshot, and the same problem showed up in both.  Even the
compilation errors are identical.

(One additional minor problem I had was that I was forced to write,
#include "gtkextra/gtkplot.h" instead of simply #include "gtkplot.h".
that should be fixed too).

It looks as though the API has changed but the examples have not been
brought up to date with it.



On 2/5/06, Al Hooton <al hootons org> wrote:
                Well, I was going to pull down the latest CVS stuff
        for gtkextra-2, but
        CVS on does not seem to be cooperating at the moment.
                Adrian: Have you used the CVS repository lately?  It
        looks like there 
        might be some kind of issue with it that would require the admin
        staff to intervene.  It's failing to create a lock file when I
        try to
        checkout the gtkextra-2 module.  This happening both when I
        log in as 
        anonymous, and when I log in under my userid.
                Nickolai:  In the interim, try downloading the
        gtkextra-2 2.1.1 source
        release from 6/24/2005, and see if that builds for you.  It's
        in the "Files" section on


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