Re: [gthumb-list] Fwd: Delete key doesn't work as expected

Hi Paolo,

thanks, this would be great!

But I'd really prefer to have a single key stroke for this.
I use to shoot hundrets of photos and keep only the best say 10% -- it's really nice if I can navigate through a bunch of photos and delete with a single key stroke.

So my preference would be in this order

1. make it an option, if the key press "delete" deletes from the catalog or from disk

2. if this is not an option -- make "delete from disk" a single key stroke which is different from delete (eg. key D)



2011/12/29 Paolo Bacchilega <paolo bacchilega libero it>
Il 29/12/2011 18:24, Dr. Johannes Zellner ha scritto:

I found that in 2.13.2 the behaviour of the delete key was apparently
changed to not delete the file from disk any more.
The new behaviour makes gthumb for me pretty useless.
Is there a chance to get the old behaviour back in again or to make it

the old behaviour was unexpected for some users and could bring to data loss, we could add control+canc to always delete from disk even when viewing a catalog.

- Paolo
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