[gthumb-list] Fwd: Delete key doesn't work as expected

I found that in 2.13.2 the behaviour of the delete key was apparently changed to not delete the file from disk any more.
The new behaviour makes gthumb for me pretty useless.
Is there a chance to get the old behaviour back in again or to make it configurable?



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From: Dr. Johannes Zellner <johannes zellner org>
Date: 2011/12/29
Subject: Delete key doesn't work as expected
To: gthumb-list gnome org


in my gthumb, the delete key which should be bound to "move to trash" according to the manual doesn't work as expected.

If I select an image and then hit the delete key, the image is removed from the list of open images in gthumb but isn't moved to the trash.
In fact, gthumb seems to not touch the file system at all if I use the delete key.

on the other hand, klicking on the image with the right button and then selecting the menu entries "move to trash" or "delete" work as expected.

this is gthumb 2.14.1 as is comes with debian.

Any ideas how to solve this?



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