Gnumeric 1.0.2

Gnumeric 1.0.2 is now available.

        This is a mainly a bug fix release, but a few new features trickled in
        just to keep things fun.  The most important patches are to
            - Fix a crash when when reading old xml that had expressions
              formated as 'text' (don't do that).
            - Fix a regression in 0.99.0 when importing 3d references.
            - Fix a crash in some searches

        This will be the last release before the development tree branches
        to 1.1 and the port to gnome2.  We will continue to support 1.0 but
        changes will ideally be limited to bug fixes and translations.

* Bug fixes

        * Try REALLY hard to find an expression in xml not              (Jody)
           marked as being a value.
        * Fixed COUPNCD.                                                (Andreas)
        * Generate spans after importing a lotus 123 file.              (Jody)
        * Add Russian Ruble.                                            (Jody)
        * Add new builtin format to Applix importer.                    (Jody)
        * Fix AREA_3D expressions from Excel.                           (Jody)
        * Fix displayed cursor when leaving a sheet object.             (Jody)
        * Support inter-sheet references in the goal seek.              (Jody)
        * Handle totally hidden merges at freeze bound.                 (Jody)
        * Improve XL import for 3d references.                          (Jody)
        * Make sure Linux ends up using IEEE_754 code in mathfunc.c.    (Morten)
        * Fix search crash.                                             (Morten)
        * Make functions that take numeric arguments accept also
          strings that parse as numbers.                                (Morten)
        * Partly fix ADDRESS.                                           (Morten)
        * Handle 1900/Feb/28 the same way MS Excel (tm) does.           (Neil Booth)

* Fun
        * Add `autofit columns' checkbox to all analysis tools.         (Andreas)
        * Add radio buttons to rank dialog to let user choose           (Andreas)
          behaviour in case of ties.
        * Enable Standard Errors Checkbox in Moving Averages Dialog.    (Andreas)
        * Implement calculated bins in Histogram Tool.                  (Andreas)
        * Implement Fourier Analysis Tool.                              (Andreas)
        * Complete implementation of COUPDAYSCD                         (Andreas)
        * Implement COUPPCD.                                            (Andreas)
        * Implement COUPDAYBS.                                          (Andreas)
        * Implement COUPDAYS.                                           (Andreas)
        * Improve Data Validation, and enable XL import.                (Jody)
        * Display and import coloured tabs from Excel XP.               (Jody)
        * Improve goto box to support names, and inter-sheet jumps.     (Jody)
        * Added WEEKNUM and ISOWEEKNUM                                  (Jon K?re)

* Translations

        - Roy-Magne Mo (nn), Tino Meinen (nl), Valek Filippov (ru),
        Zbigniew Chyla (pl), Christian Rose (sv), Kjartan Maraas (no),
        Takeshi Aihana (jp), Duarte Loreto (pt), Stanislav Visnovsky (sk),
        Christian Meyer (de)

* Availability

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