Re: Styleguide v0.5: Return to Enter

On Sat, 2002-01-05 at 17:23, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
Some of the folks who did a lot of hacking on the GDP Style Guide work
for Sun.  Sun has "Real Unix Keyboards" on their workstations, which say
"Control", "Return" (on the alpha numeric portion), and "Enter" on the
number pad.  Personally, I'd go with the GDP style guide, but I'm sure
this is a great opportunity for another row over on the docs list (cc'd
there, BTW).

        Good observation.  I realize this is a semi-major consistency problem,
but the "Give-a-shit" meter is quite low right now.  I think the best
way to do this would be a disclaimer at the beginning:
"Hi, some say Enter, some say return.  We use enter."


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