Re: Styleguide v0.5

On Fri, 2002-01-04 at 12:35, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
Kevin Breit wrote:
 > All titles
 > should be capitalized except for articles.

This conflicts with the gdp style guide. Please see my previous message
to the list!
*insert Kevin doing much swearing here*  So I looked at an O'Reilly book
and they use capital letters.  I have NEVER seen a book say "This is a
title of a chapter" and I find it obnoxious.  But because it's a
"standard", I'll go along with it.

 > Misc: The documentation is to be done in American English.  We'll
 > leave it to the translators to do the en_GB version. When refering
 > to keys on a keyboard, use the name on the keyboard.  Ctrl, not
 > Control key.  It is Enter, not Return.

Use the name on the keyboard...whose keyboard? WHat if mine says return?
That is why I said "It is Enter, not Return".  I'll reword.

 >   format=\"png\" fileref=\""filename"\" srccredit=\"Kevin Breit\">

We should be using mediaobjects rather than graphics! See the gnome2 
style guide!
Yes I know.  I gotta update my .emacs file to reflect this.  It's a
matter of laziness.


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