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I think you sould be able to use rdesktop in Linux without a need for
tightVNC when adminstrating XP. But I guess tightVNC needs less

Homepage for rdesktop

Cheers Johnny

Jeffrey Bell wrote:
I had tried doing the same, sending an email to my non-couputer-user
explaining how to...

Decided it would be better and easier to install tightVNC server on his
WinXP machine and use a tightVNC client on my linux box to control his
cable connected machine from my aDSL machine. I logged into his machine,
downloaded the required codec for Netmeeting(?) and installed it without
breaking a sweat.

I find tightVNC useful when trying to deal with non-computer users (my
family) problems from afar.


Doesn't sound insane to me at all.  For one of my relatives I had
emailed him a 13 step detailed explanation of exactly how to do that. Everything but pictures. Come to think of it, maybe that would've

Damien:  I believe that GM users would benefit by having this info
explicitly included in the FAQ:

"If a Gnomemeeting user is going to be communicating with a Netmeeting
user who has specified their connection speed at 28.8Kbs or lower, they
(the Netmeeting user) MUST install and execute the instcodec.exe
utility.  There will be no audio otherwise."

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