Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Netmeeting compatibility

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 11:52, Damien Sandras wrote:
> > 
> > So my question is this:  Exactly what codec is NM selecting as the
> > default for users that choose the 28.8 bandwidth setting and can that be
> > built in to GM so that my less clueful friends and relatives using
> > dialup don't have to go through the codec download and install process? 
> Actually, in GnomeMeeting you can select manually what codecs to use and
> in what order of preferences. Netmeeting doesn't directly permit this.
> If the Netmeeting user chooses Cable, then I guess all codecs are
> allowed, including G.711 which requires much bandwidth. If the
> Netmeeting user chooses 28.8k (does it still exist?), then G.711 is
> disabled, and only G.723.1 is enabled. G.723.1 is patented and closed
> and can't be used in GnomeMeeting except if I pay something like 10 000
> USD. So there is no other way than to ask them to install MS-GSM or to
> buy a Quicknet card (they have G.723.1 builtin and GM can use it).
> Notice that Speex would still be better for people with a simple ppp,
> but of course, Netmeeting doesn't support it. That codec problem is not
> a GnomeMeeting issue but a typical Netmeeting problem. I hope it helps.

Hey, just quit being such a tightwad and pony up the dough, eh?  I mean,
isn't that the sort of thing we're paying you for.

Oh, wait a minute...


Ok, we'll just have to work around this limitation, I guess.  I see that
someone coded a Windows port of Speex.  Maybe I'll test those codecs out
and see if it interoperates with GM's Speex.

And yes, I've got a boatload of relatives and friends with narrowband
connections.  I would part with several important body parts before I
give up my broadband.

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