[GnomeMeeting-list] Netmeeting compatibility

Well, I think I've run into a audio codec compatibility problem between
GM and Netmeeting.  Perhaps this is well known.  But I certainly didn't
know about it and I didn't see it addressed in the FAQ except

First off, when I (using GM .94.1) connect with NM users who have their
bandwidth settings at Cable or higher, there is no problem.  But when NM
users have their bandwidth settings at 28.8, neither of us have audio. 
The FAQ points out that when neither party has audio, it might be a
codec compatibility issue.  Ok.  So I have the NM user download and
install the GSM 6.10 codec available on the GM site.  After the user
then manually selects this new codec, both of us once again have audio.

Evidently, whatever codec NM defaults to for bandwidth settings of Cable
_is_ built into GM and whetever NM defaults to for the 28.8 bandwidth
setting is _not_ built into GM.

So my question is this:  Exactly what codec is NM selecting as the
default for users that choose the 28.8 bandwidth setting and can that be
built in to GM so that my less clueful friends and relatives using
dialup don't have to go through the codec download and install process? 


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