Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] I want my users advice

lör 2002-02-02 klockan 11.38 skrev Damien Sandras:
> * I really think that the preferences button should be there in GnomeMeeting 0.13.
> Why ? Simply because you will be able to change options like the video quality during
> calls. That is new, but many settings will be able to change during the call.
> And I personnaly like to have a direct access to the preferences buttons for that purpose.

Lots of applications have preferences that can be changed and applied
during runtime. This is a *very* strange excuse for a Preferences
toolbar button... I don't get it.

Maybe you are saying that there will be video settings that users are
likely to want to change during a call. But then these
likely-to-be-changed-during-a-call settings probably don't belong in the
Preferences panel, but in your "control panel" in the interface. After
all, I assume you created this panel for settings likely to be changed
during a call in the first place?

> * For the toolbars :
> 	- They will be togglable with the view menu

Great. They should not however be vertical.

> 	- Everything in the main interface will be dockable everywhere you want

Also great. The default should not however be vertical.

> 	- I think that I will remain with my idea of the vertical toolbar because
> 	I think that the HIG and the rest have not been thought for small video
> 	applications like GnomeMeeting.

The HIG is a set of very broad recommendations that are designed so that
they are general and fit most applications. I find it strange that you
refuse to believe that the recommendations also apply to GnomeMeeting.
There are a lot of also small applications in Gnome, GnomeMeeting is no

> My first try was to have a unique toolbar with the URL in it (like Galeon), but
> the application was very wide, and had a small height and it hurted my eyes because
> of the empty space around the video window. Moreover it seems to be
> very intuitive for me to have those buttons on the right to popup the
> new chat window and other things for which I want a direct access.

One question: Why don't you make GnomeMeeting resizable? Then those
people who feel ill by too much empty space can have it the way they
want it too.
Also, I'm not arguing about the Chat button, it will no doubt be an
important function of GnomeMeeting. But the Preferences aren't an
essential function of GnomeMeeting in the same way. People don't shout
"Hooray, today I found an application that let's me change
GnomeMeeting's Preferences, it's called GnomeMeeting!". I hope you
understand the difference.


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