Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] I want my users advice

lör 2002-02-02 klockan 04.15 skrev Lauchlin Wilkinson:
> Ok...i think neither of us are going to agree 100% on this...lets just 
> say I have a vertical toolbar fetish and therefore do not see the need 
> to remove the toolbar ... :o) As a creature of habit (i.e. a human) I 
> am used to the way the current gnome meeting works..

Yes, I understand that you are used to the way GnomeMeeting currently
works. But all applications have the dilemma of either designing for
current users and keeping current interface design problems, or redesign
so that the application is more attractive to even more users.

Given the current userbase of GnomeMeeting, I think keeping the current
design mistakes is quite a weird strategy. The rest of GNOME is going in
the opposite direction to attract more users.


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