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Hi Chris,

first of all, I did not want to start a new discussion, so please
forgive me for that. Unfortunately, I did read most of the mails in
the archive relating to l10n and i18n of this list after I sent my
email.  See more comments inline.

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 8:50 PM, Christopher Warner
<cwarner kernelcode com> wrote:
>> well, requiring an admin to update the translations seems like a
>> technical problem to me. Few people in gnome have admin rights.
>> Ideally,
>> we should be able to have a system where the  gnome translation team
>> can do his work as their used to do it  and that the site is
>> automatically updated without requiring administrators intervention.
>> Ideally, users could translate this and then members of the
>> translation team could validate this (like facebook did). Of course,
>> talking here does not solve the problem, so I will try to investigate
>> available solutions.
> Plone can already do this. We don't need an administrator to update the
> translations. There is nothing inherently difficult about it, there will be
> an obvious window from when the translations are added and a timed restart
> of the application server. We could even use inotify to watch changes to po
> nodes and restart based on that. Again, what is difficult or not technically
> possible with Plone here? To my knowledge all of this has been discussed in
> irc and on the mailing list a couple of times.
Well, nothing is impossible either with Plone or Wordpress or whatever
other thing you choose. Of course, I was just replying to the first
thing that talked about a switch away from Plone, so I argued in that
direction. I realize you have done a lot of work with Plone, and I
just want to get the job done, I don't want to enter a endless
discussion about a switch.
>> > Simply stated, and no offense to anyone but the idea that Wordpress is
>> > even
>> > an option for going forward is ridiculous.
>> Chris, I completely agree that Wordpress is not the way forward.
>> However, I do understand people that want to get a new site ready in
>> no time and wordpress gives you that.
>> A little off-topic. I entered the endeavour of making an
>>, starting from the code of This
>> code (codename Zamboni) is a django python project. So I will try to
>> integrate solutions in this way (meaning try to find/develop/integrate
>> solutions into a django application). Again, code speaks better than
>> words, so I hope I can show  a basic demo soon.
> Frankly, wordpress is great for a blog. I use it, it's great at that minus
> the constant security holes. That said isn't a blog and that's as
> far as it goes. Wordpress is simply not an option. So pasting a theme on-top
> of blog software is a waste of time. It's clearly not functional for the
> needs outlined for the project.
> Personally i'm a little fatigued talking about it everytime it comes up;
> that said if you really want to help it would be useful to get whoever the
> gnome system administrator and any of the plone devels still willing to help
> and pushing the beta version of the site in Plone to completion. So we can
> get on with this.
> Maybe it's time for a refresh of Gnome bounties or some such or throw it
> into a contract phase so we can get this complete.
> As far as
> it's simply not a priority past getting finished.

Sorry, I don't  understand  the phrasing (my mother's tongue being spanish).
Do you mean it's not a priority before the new is up? Or
even if the new wgo is up?

If the first, I totally agree with you. And I'll try to install the
plone site in my machine this week so I can document how to deploy it,
But if you are willing to put  some bounties for getting Plone done, I
would focus on

> You're free to do whatever you want but I don't think anyone should be
> entertaining discussion there right now.
Well, I wanted to work on because I didn't know about
this get Plone online thing. I still think it would be a very worthy
addition to some of the applications in gnome desktop that have a lot
of plugins, like gedit, but I understand your desire of not hearing
it while wgo is not up, so I will keep my work on this (if any) under
the hood until there is something worthy to discuss/announce.



> --
> Christopher Warner

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