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On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 1:22 PM, Christopher Warner
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> On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Andy Thornton <andy thornton gmail com>
> wrote:
>> One approach we have taken on our corporate site was to setup a "Content
>> Change Log" where updates are flagged, so if a user updates a page, it flags
>> it to everyone who has translated that page gets notification by email / rss
>> feed that their copy needs updating.
>> I am not sure how easy that would be to implement in plone, but might be
>> an option.
>> Andy Thornton
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> Sigh, I don't mean to start off with such an apathetic view-point but Plone
> has all the ability to do everything stated. Ladies, Gentlemen, we've been
> through this many a time.
> The problem is and has always been that we need some dedicated individuals
> to this process up until the initial release and they will need
> administrative access to install an update. Normally what happens is that we
> say we will pow-wow and then either have to wait for an administrator, not
> everyone shows up and/or we half-ass it because of the disorganization.
> This is not a technical problem this is simply an issue of a group of us
> being dedicated enough and having the administrative resources at out finger
> tips so we can just finish this. Until then we will have this conversation.
> Over and over into perpetuity for no good reason.

well, requiring an admin to update the translations seems like a
technical problem to me. Few people in gnome have admin rights.
we should be able to have a system where the  gnome translation team
can do his work as their used to do it  and that the site is
automatically updated without requiring administrators intervention.
Ideally, users could translate this and then members of the
translation team could validate this (like facebook did). Of course,
talking here does not solve the problem, so I will try to investigate
available solutions.

> Simply stated, and no offense to anyone but the idea that Wordpress is even
> an option for going forward is ridiculous.

Chris, I completely agree that Wordpress is not the way forward.
However, I do understand people that want to get a new site ready in
no time and wordpress gives you that.
A little off-topic. I entered the endeavour of making an, starting from the code of This
code (codename Zamboni) is a django python project. So I will try to
integrate solutions in this way (meaning try to find/develop/integrate
solutions into a django application). Again, code speaks better than
words, so I hope I can show  a basic demo soon.



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