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well, requiring an admin to update the translations seems like a
technical problem to me. Few people in gnome have admin rights.
we should be able to have a system where the  gnome translation team
can do his work as their used to do it  and that the site is
automatically updated without requiring administrators intervention.
Ideally, users could translate this and then members of the
translation team could validate this (like facebook did). Of course,
talking here does not solve the problem, so I will try to investigate
available solutions.

Plone can already do this. We don't need an administrator to update the translations. There is nothing inherently difficult about it, there will be an obvious window from when the translations are added and a timed restart of the application server. We could even use inotify to watch changes to po nodes and restart based on that. Again, what is difficult or not technically possible with Plone here? To my knowledge all of this has been discussed in irc and on the mailing list a couple of times.
> Simply stated, and no offense to anyone but the idea that Wordpress is even
> an option for going forward is ridiculous.

Chris, I completely agree that Wordpress is not the way forward.
However, I do understand people that want to get a new site ready in
no time and wordpress gives you that.
A little off-topic. I entered the endeavour of making an, starting from the code of This
code (codename Zamboni) is a django python project. So I will try to
integrate solutions in this way (meaning try to find/develop/integrate
solutions into a django application). Again, code speaks better than
words, so I hope I can show  a basic demo soon.

Frankly, wordpress is great for a blog. I use it, it's great at that minus the constant security holes. That said isn't a blog and that's as far as it goes. Wordpress is simply not an option. So pasting a theme on-top of blog software is a waste of time. It's clearly not functional for the needs outlined for the project.

Personally i'm a little fatigued talking about it everytime it comes up; that said if you really want to help it would be useful to get whoever the gnome system administrator and any of the plone devels still willing to help and pushing the beta version of the site in Plone to completion. So we can get on with this.

Maybe it's time for a refresh of Gnome bounties or some such or throw it into a contract phase so we can get this complete. As far as it's simply not a priority past getting finished. You're free to do whatever you want but I don't think anyone should be entertaining discussion there right now.

Christopher Warner

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