Re: PloneSoftwareCenter DOAP


taking in consideration what Martin said, I've rethought some things, so my new proposal is:

1. The svn used for developement will be the collective (if you want to contribute and upload on the svn you'll have to obtain access there through the methods explained by Martin)
2. Branch the 1.0 Release on the collective svn as 1.0-doap-enabled. This branch will merely focus on giving doap support to PSC-1.0 (meaning that our changes could be easily ported to 2.0 once it's out)
3. We will need to tweak lightly the workflows and the permissions, but I think those thing can easily be done in the ZMI and later exported/saved through the setuptool, so this work won't take place on the product itself.
4. All the modifications to meet the look & feel and interface guidelines of wgo (see will be added by either merging templates and styles in gnometheme or through the creation of those into another similar product (PloneSoftwareCenterGnome?), that acts like an extension to PSC in order to provide aesthetic/workflow customizations to PSC needed by wgo. Because as far as I can see, excepting DOAP, workflow and "how is the content displayed" seems to me that PSC meets all our needs.

I still have a doubt about what version use as base to implement our template customizations (workflow tweaking is extremely simple to implement even by a non-plone guy, the only relevant matter might be auto-installation, which is why I proposed the creation of a product PloneSoftwareCenterGnome). My preference would go for bleeding edge svn in the hope to be able to have PSC 2.0 installed on our final release.


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