Re: Forming GNOME-UK

On Tue, 2006-07-25 at 14:20 +0100, Thomas Wood wrote:
> Magnus Therning wrote:
> [...]
> > So, should the question at hand be changed to:
> > 
> >  Should GNOME-UK be open to users?
> > 
> > The GNOME Foundation is not open for pure users (if I understand the
> > text on correctly).
> I think GNOME-UK should be open to all people who use GNOME and live (or 
> have lived) in the UK. That is, we should be a user group type of 
> organisation. It could provide an ideal forum for helping people get 
> involved further in the GNOME community.

I hope not. GNOME-UK, the mailing-list, website, etc. should obviously
remain open to everyone. Membership to the association (we're not
talking about a small football club) includes privileges. I don't think
those privileges should be available to people who haven't helped GNOME.

Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 
"I thought it was my next-door neighbour because I think she felt that
if I got something like that I would have to move" - Brian Clough,
guessing who nominated him for a knighthood.

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