Re: New member

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 6:28 PM, Robert Staudinger <robert staudinger gmail com> wrote:

Clutter doesn't support theming AFAIK, wallpapers can at least be
requested by themes (maybe also included in the metatheme package),
everything else is already possible.

I tried to include icons in my theme but the did not show so I quit. But if you say it works then it works and we should make use of i in the future.

The template will of course include more than just buttons in the future.

That is good but before we can start making mockups we should know what is possible with the layout and transparency and the new animation system (that does not exists yet) or if there are going to be some changes to the UI - new menus or smth like that.

Still a few mockups with the current system will do for now ;)


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