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On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 5:12 PM, Anton Kerezov <ankere gmail com> wrote:
> 2009/4/15 Robert Staudinger <robert staudinger gmail com>
>> For being the default engine we'd need an outstanding theme (apart
>> from lots of work on the engine itself). Would you be interested in
>> doing one? I like Andreas' proposal to do a green theme, this would
>> clearly set us apart from the blue that most others are using.
> Yes I would but first we need to clarify what is a theme:
> - gtk
> - metacity
> - and clutter theme (though I don't know if they support anything like that)
> - wallpaper
> - icons

Clutter doesn't support theming AFAIK, wallpapers can at least be
requested by themes (maybe also included in the metatheme package),
everything else is already possible.

> Is this going to be the new format for a theme pack. I would make the gtk
> one based on your egine Robert but I will need a decent documentation (or I
> should talk to you) with some examples. A good docs is the way to make more
> people interested in making such themes.

One goal of the CSS engine is making theme creation easier. We have
adapted the "single canvas" approach that is being used for creating
icons in multiple resolutions from a single SVG file. What designers
will have to do is drawing the theme in inkscape based on a template
we are going to provide. Look at the screenshot below to get an idea.

The template will of course include more than just buttons in the future.

While we are working on this you guys can start tossing around free
form mockups to your liking :-)


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